Several years ago, Benefit Foods founder Amanda, was in search of a healthy, clean energy bar she could feel good about eating. She traveled for work at the time, but life on the road without a healthy snack was a recipe for disaster.

The energy bar market is full of bars that not only taste bad, but taste overly sweet, contain unpronounceable ingredients, fillers, additives, and well…too many ingredients.

In 2012 Amanda decided to make it her business to offer a solution for herself, and others in need of clean, healthy food bars made with high quality ingredients — no additives, fillers, preservatives or any of that ‘other’ stuff.

In June 2016 she launched Oregon’s first cannabis infused fruit leather called G2,  and is currently working on a medicated version of VBAR, called VBAR+, not to mention a line of amazingly unique Topical balms, lotions and salves!

Just a small preview of what she aims to create there.

Here at Benefit Foods, there is a reason why we say ‘unwrap goodness!’


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